Swings, Vasco to Join Seo Taiji on Stage for Comeback Concert

It has just been announced that rappers Swings and Vasco will be joining Seo Taiji on stage as guest rappers for his big comeback performance on October 18th.

According to a statement made by Seo Taiji Company on September 2nd, along with Seo Taiji’s band, Swings and Vasco will be helping to add a new flavor to some of Seo Taiji’s most famous songs.

Vasco stated, “I grew up listening to Seo Taiji and am heavily influenced by his music. I think that standing on stage together with him will be the most honorable moment of my music career.”

Swings brought out the aegyo for his statement, saying, “Performing together with Seo Taiji? Bbuing bbuing!”

Titled “Christmalowin,” the October 18th performance will be Seo Taiji’s first comeback in 5 years, and as the father of K-pop, anticipation is obviously high.


Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of Xports News
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