Sweet Sorrow Member In Hojin and Manager Chase Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver

A member of Sweet Sorrow and his manager chased down and caught a drunk driver who hit a couple in their 50s crossing the crosswalk and drove on.

According to the Seoul Seocho police station on February 19, at 12:37 a.m. at a road across from the Seocho police station, a Mr. Kwon (28) who was driving a Kia Pride car, hit the Kwon couple (both 55) crossing the street, and drove off.

Driving towards Sungmo Hospital from the Seocho subway station, Mr. Kwon drove 700 meters at 31mph all the way to the Sungmo Hospital intersection.

A Kia Carnival car that witnessed this hit-and-run from across the street quickly changed direction to chase Mr. Kwon. Inside the Carnival was the Sweet Sorrow member In Hojin, his manager, and three other associates.

Manager Kim Sunghyun blocked the Kia Pride car that was waiting at the stoplight, opened the car door and made Mr. Kwon step out. In Hojin directly called the police. The witnesses were investigated by the police until 2 in the morning.

In Hojin was on his way to record a movie’s OST after having finished a shoot for “I Am a Singer 3.”

Handed over to the police, the driver had an expired license and a blood alcohol content of 0.166%.

Mr. Kwon, who was hit, had a head injury, and his wife hurt her leg.

The driver argued, “I thought I hit a trash bag, not a person. I didn’t mean to do a hit-and-run.”

The police charged the driver with reckless driving according to the special criminal laws on specific crimes, and indicted him without detention. 

Kudos to Sweet Sorrow’s In Hojin and his manager for being heroes in this particular situation!


Source: Yonhap News

Image courtesy of Sweet Sorrow
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