Sunny and Nana Express Their Views on Dating, Hint at Having Had Boyfriends Since Debut

While eating together on this week’s episode of “Roommate,” Sunny, NaNa, and comedian Lee Gukjoo talked about their opinions on dating.

Sunny in particular is making headlines in Korea for her frankness on the matter.

During the broadcast, she stated, “I want to start a ‘something’ too. I want to worry about things like replying immediately or waiting for a minute before responding when that someone texts me.”

NaNa then jokingly responded to Sunny asking, “Why do you have to be so push-and-pull?”

Lee Guk Joo took it a step further, asking the Girls’ Generation and After School members directly if they had any dating experiece since they debuted. Both members seemed to vaguely answer in the affirmative, sparking interest from viewers.

However, Sunny then qualified the question, asking, “What kind of dating are you talking about?” Sunny continued, “There are categories of dating. There are serious romances and light flings.”

To this Lee Guk Joo asked, “How many were there throughout?”

Sunny then cooly replied, “Do we really have to count it out so immaturely?”

Sunny closed out the conversation by saying, “However, you can’t get caught by the public… wait we’re recording right now right?” causing everyone on set to laugh.

“Roommate” airs every Tuesday at 11:15pm KST, so make sure to tune in to catch Sunny, NaNa, Guk Joo, and your other favorites each week.


Source: OSEN

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