Sulli to Potentially Leave f(x), SM Makes Brief Statement

It has just been reported that Sulli is leaving f(x).

Just minutes ago multiple reports surfaced claiming that major SM Entertainment stakeholders have stated today that Sulli will cut off all activities with f(x) and is currently preparing to become a full-fledged actress.

According to these sources, Sulli will be leaving f(x), but will stay under SM Entertainment for the remainder of her contract term.

The reports also stated that f(x) as a whole is not breaking up, and will continue to promote with the remaining four members, Amber, Krystal, Luna, and Victoria.


[NOTE]: SM Entertainment has yet to make a statement as to the legitimacy of these reports, but because multiple reliable media outlets in Korea are reporting on this story we have decided to publish. moonROK will keep you informed as to what SM has to say on the matter, so be sure to stay tuned as this story continues to break.


[UPDATE]: SM Entertainment has just made the following statement: “We have seen the articles stating that Sulli is withdrawing from f(x). We are currently checking into whether or not it is true, and will make a statement after sorting it out.”


Source: Herald News, Top Star News, MBN, Sports Dongah

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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