Starship Ent. Chooses Hyolyn, Soyou, K.Will as Judges for ‘NO.MERCY’

Starship Entertainment‘s new survival program “NO.MERCY” producers highly rated Sistar‘s Hyolyn and Soyou‘s ability to judge.

Producer Yoo Il-han attended the production presentation of Mnet’s survival program, NO.MERCY, held at the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul on December 8.

Hyolyn, appearing on the show as a judge, stated, “The position was burdensome and I didn’t want to be critical. However, I thought that I shouldn’t hold back for their sake, so I was honest. I wanted to give them constructive criticism instead of sugarcoating it. I want to help with and witness their growth.”

Producer Yoo Il-han stated, “Hyolyn and Soyou both feel the pressure as judges, but their critique is accurate. They aren’t superfluous, and they make astute comments. Moving forward, I would want to recommend them as judges for “SuperStarK 10.”

On K.Will, Yoo Il-han commented, “I felt he really judges with a genuine sincerity. There were even moments where he acted like there was no camera and lost his temper. He has a deep affection for the contestants and also judges with that intensity.”

Producer Yoo continued to give praise to the judges saying, “The Starship alumnus are a central part to the program, and many of them are watching with affection. At times I feel sorry that they have to be relentless, but I am also very thankful for them.”

Producer Choi Seung-joon stated, “Soyou, Hyolyn, and K.Will have all been through the trainee experience. For a current trainee, they are not just scary judges but also mentors. Their words of advice can touch the trainees’ hearts.”

“NO.MERCY” is Starship Entertainment’s survival program that will select the final member of a new hip-hop boy group. Sistar, K.Will, Junggigo, Mad Clown, and other artists under the agency will be mentoring the twelve trainee contestants.

The trainees—Kihyun, Wonho, Jooheon, Hyungwon, Shownu, Seokwon, Syapgeon, Minkyun, Yoosu, Minhyuk, Yoonho, and Kwangji—will contend by participating in collaboration missions with Rhymer, San E, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, among other notable rappers and producers.

“NO.MERCY” will broadcast a total of ten episodes, and will air its first on the 10th.


Source: JoyNews24

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