Soyu Reveals Collaboration Partner(s) for Upcoming Single

It has just been revealed that Soyu will be partnering up with Urban Zakapa for her next release.

Soyu will be singing with Urban Zakapa’s male vocalists Kwon Soonil and Park Yongin for her upcoming single.

With the different colors of all three singers’ voices, anticipation is high for the harmonic collaboration between the three.

Just now, Soyu uploaded a message to SISTAR‘s official Twitter saying, “Some 2~~???? Please look forward to the September 26th release of the heart-warming song that is fitting for the autumn wind!”

Starship Entertainment also made a statement on the release, saying, “Many generations of musicians were involved [with the single]. This comeback will be the highest quality project thus far. Soyu will be showing a new charm as an ’emotional vocalist.'”

What do you think about Soyu’s choice of collaborators?


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment
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