Soul Shop Entertainment Refutes Megan Lee’s Lawsuit

Soul Shop Entertainment has refuted Megan Lee’s application for an injunction and will be moving forward with a lawsuit after Megan Lee used her dual citizenship status to work in the US.

Kim Tae Woo’s agency, Soul Shop Entertainment, stated on the 27th, “Megan Lee’s claim that there needs to be a legal representative because she was a minor at the time of the signing of the exclusive contract is false. On July 30, 2012, at the time of the exclusive contract signing, the mother of Megan Lee was present and consented to the contract on behalf of her minor daughter. On that day, Megan Lee’s mother signed the contract with her own name, Lee Hee-Jung.”

Furthermore, Soul Shop Entertainment stated, “The corporation Soul Shop Entertainment is not a private company. Soul Shop Entertainment opened in December 1, 2011, as a corporate lawfirm, and was founded by Kim Tae Woo’s father, Kim Jong-Ho, who is still currently the CEO. Kim Tae Woo’s wife and Soup Shop Entertainment’s managing director, Kim Ae-Ri, was already one of the company’s board members even before Megan Lee’s exclusive contract. Megan Lee possesses a Korean and American dual citizenship. At the time of the contract signing, she was consented to the “exclusive management” contract as a Korean citizen, and the target region as stated in the contract was “Republic of Korea and the rest of the world.”

Finally, Soul Shop Entertainment stated, “Megan Lee used her American citizenship to work with an agency that was not affiliated with Soul Shop Entertainment. In addition, Megan Lee wrote her English name on the court application, to which the presiding judge instructed ‘if you are Korean, you must correct your name on the court application to your Korean name.’ We want to say, once again, how sorry we are about this event. We will do our best in the future to avoid any situations due to similar issues such as this, and therefore, will go forth with our lawsuit.”


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