Sooyoung Signs Off on Final Episode of ‘Midnight Entertainment TV’

It was recently announced that Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung would be leaving her spot as host on the SBS talk show “Midnight Entertainment TV,” and tonight, she hosted her last episode.

Sooyoung stated, “It’s sad that I have to relay such bad news on Christmas Eve,” continuing, “but because next year it looks like I’ll be too busy with activities, it turns out that I’m leaving ‘Midnight Entertainment TV.'”

Sooyoung started as MC on the show in June of 2012, holding down the spot for two and a half years before leaving.

Sooyoung further stated, “So many great things happened on this show, and I can hardly bear to leave this program where I’ve created many memories. Looking at all of the reporters, the PD, the writers, and staff, even though each week we only had an hour together, because we were able to meet the viewers, if only for one hour, it was great.”

Sooyoung closed out with a teary-eyed send-off saying, “I feel blessed to have been part of such happy work with such great friends. To all of the viewers, thank you.”

Check out the caps from the episode below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more udpates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: MyDaily

All images courtesy of SBS
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