Solve MyMusicTaste’s Puzzle to Win Tickets to 2016’s Biggest K-pop Tour

MyMusicTaste is bringing one of K-pop’s hottest boy bands to North America in 2016, and they’re giving you the chance to win two free tickets.

The catch? You have to figure out which group they’re bringing.

Over the past two years, MyMusicTaste has brought more than 80 concerts to 30+ cities all over the world with groups like Block B and INFINITE, so you know whoever they bring next is going to be big.

The event making platform has been steadily releasing puzzle pieces via various K-pop media outlets, which when combined, make up a massive clue to which group they’ll be bringing stateside.

Today, we are revealing the next piece to the puzzle exclusively on moonROK. Check it out below:

Remember, the first one to solve the puzzle gets two free tickets to MyMusicTaste’s upcoming tour in the city of their choice, so factor in our new piece and check out all of the pieces released previously below, and be sure to follow the #MMTWhosNext hashtag and submit your guesses on Twitter for your chance to win tickets to the 2016 mystery show!


Source: MyMusicTaste

Images courtesy of MyMusicTaste
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  1. Gizzxiu 7 years ago
  2. Gizzxiu 7 years ago
    THank you for this opportunity

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