SNL Comedienne Lee Se Young to Undergo Police Investigation for Sexually Harassing B1A4

Lee Se Young | moonROK

Image courtesy of 10asia

Recently, videos showing staff and cast members of SNL Korea sexually harassing male idols have gone viral in the Kpop community.

In what appears to be a pre-show ritual, the members of the SNL cast gather around male idol groups to welcome them to the show, when the female members of the cast and crew rush the male idol members and grab them inappropriately.

The issue went viral after SNL uploaded a video to their official Facebook page showing a behind-the-scenes clip of the B1A4 members of the group looking extremely uncomfortable following the SNL cast’s sudden and unexpected inappropriate behavior.


Following the video’s explosion, fans have gone back to find that the female cast members did the same thing to Infinite and Block B when the groups appeared on the show as well.


The videos have caused outrage and discomfort among fans all over the world, and B1A4 fans in Korea seem to have taken it upon themselves to do something about it.

A group of fans has reported comedienne Lee Se Young — one of the more prominent SNL female cast members — to the Seoul Mapo police station. A representative from the station has told the media that fans have filed for an investigation of Lee Se Young for the molestation of B1A4, and that police will be going ahead with the investigation with a team of female investigators.

Lee Se Young has made an official apology to the members of B1A4 and their fans, but it remains to be seen whether she will be legally punished or fined for her actions.


Source: Joongang Ilbo


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