SM Station Drops JYP Collab ‘Triple T’ Track ‘Born to be Wild’

SM Station has released their track for this week, “Born to be Wild,” featuring JYP, Hyoyeon, Min, and Jokwon under the name Triple T.

Min, Hyoyeon, and Jokwon are known to have been friends since predebut, and their unit name Triple T stands for “temptation, trouble, treat,” referring to Min, Jokwon, and Hyoyeon respectively.  The song sounds like it was meant to be exported straight to the club, with the strong drum beats and JYP’s hypeman chanting. The video is heavily layered with strobing colors and filters, sometimes even obscuring the dance and solo shots completely.

Fans are sure to enjoy the first SM/JYP crossover in a long time, so check out the music video below and keep reading moonORK news for all the latest music video updates!



Source: SMTOWN


Audio and visual media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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