SM Makes Statement Confirming TVXQ Member Yunho’s 2015 Military Enlistment

Today, SM Entertainment clarified that TVXQ! member U-Know Yunho will indeed be starting his mandatory military service this year.

In a statement today, an SM representative said, “Like we said in April, it seems that U-Know Yunho will begin active military enlistment this year, but an official admission date has not yet been decided. After discussing it with U-Know Yunho, his active enlistment date is still pending.”

The representative continued, “When U-Know Yunho decides on a date, he will confidently enlist in the military in order to fulfill his duty as a man of Korea.”

moonROK will be sure to keep you updated on when Yunho decides on an enlistment date, so be sure to stay tuned.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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