SM Makes Official Statement Concerning Sulli’s Absence from f(x)’s Recent CF Shoot

Today multiple reports surfaced speculating on various potential reasons for Sulli‘s absence from f(x)‘s most recent commercial filming. The group recently shot a summer commercial for an ice cream brand and Sulli alone was noticeably missing, causing some alarm from fans and the media.

Multiple media outlets speculated her relationship with Choiza as Sulli’s reason for refraining from participating in the CF shoot.

SM Entertainment is now clearing the air on the subject, and has just put out a statement saying, “The reason Sulli was absent from f(x)’s ice cream CF is because the filming took place at a time when Sulli was still resting from official activities. It is not because of any other reason.”

It seems that f(x) fans can rest assured that all of the reports earlier were nothing more than attempts to grab headlines, and that Sulli is still a part of f(x).


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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