SM Entertainment Makes Official Statement Concerning Reports of Tiffany and Gray’s Relationship

This morning in Korea, reports were circulating claiming that Girls’ Generation member Tiffany and rapper Gray are in a relationship.

The reports quoted an “industry insider”, who told the media, “Tiffany and Gray have been dating for three months.”

SM Entertainment quickly squashed the rumors with a rep stating, “The two are close colleagues, they are not dating.”

Gray’s side hasn’t made a statement on the issue yet, but moonROK will be sure to keep you updated as the story continues to break.


[UPDATE] Gray’s side has just made an official statement confirming SM’s statement. A representative from AOMG has just stated, “It is true that Tiffany and Gray are friends, but they are not in a relatoinship.”


Source: TV Report, Star News

Images courtesy of TV Report
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