SM Confirms, Yoona to Star Alongside Im Siwan in Historical Drama ‘I Love the King’

This morning, reports were arose claiming that Girls’ Generation member Yoona and ZE:A member Im Siwan would be starring together in a historical drama, and it looks like those reports are true.

SM Entertainment has just confirmed that Yoona will indeed be taking part in the project, saying, “Yoona is starring alongside Im Siwan in the historical drama ‘I Love the King’.”

The drama is based on a book, which beautifully and fascinatingly tells the story of an upright prince’s hot passion and desire for conquest, and his passionate “bromance” that could break the royal family apart in an instant.

Im Siwan will be playing the role of the prince, while Yoona will be playing the role of Wangsan, an elegant Scarlett O’Hara-esque character who causes the collapse of the two male characters’ relationship.

The drama begins filming in November and is slotted to air on MBC in early 2017, so be on the lookout for more updates from moonROK on Yoona and Siwan’s new drama as they are made available.


Source: News1

Image courtesy of TV Report
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