SM Confirms Red Velvet, f(x), and BoA for ‘Winter Garden’ Seasonal Single Project

SM Entertainment released another mysterious teaser for “Winter Garden” today, and now they’ve confirmed what many have only guessed at.

In the new teaser released today (above), instead of numbers the flowers are now filled with the letters “F”, “R”, and “B”. The agency has just confirmed that those letters stand for f(x), Red Velvet, and BoA.

The numbers on the first teaser represent the dates on which each of these groups will release a special seasonal single; December 15, 18, and 22.

An SM Entertainment representative stated, “We have left a hint as to which artists will be participating in ‘Winter Garden’ in the alphabet within this teaser. Those participants are BoA, f(x), and Red Velvet.”

It hasn’t been announced which artists will be releasing their singles on which dates, but stick around moonROK and we’ll keep you updated on the next SM holiday release!


Source: Joy News 24

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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