Singer Maya Performs Fusion Folk in Front of 6000 People

Singer Maya opened the closing ceremony of the Jeonju International Sori Festival with a standing performance in front of thousands of spectators.

On Sunday, October 12th, at the Jeonju International Sori Festival closing ceremony ‘K-pop, Into the Traditional,’ held at the Korean Sound Culture Hall’s outdoor concert hall, Maya filled the stage with her overflowing performance as she started off the night with her performance.

Maya introduced the audience to a brand new music style, with her blend of traditional instruments and electronic beats in folk songs like Bird Song and Boat Song. Despite folk songs no longer being the trend with the general population, Maya kept all six thousand audience members watching excitedly. By enticing the audience so sing along to the familiar lyrics in their new style, Maya has seemingly created a new genre of music.

The crowd was especially vocal during Maya’s performance of the song Azalea, in which she personally help to blend tranditonal and electronic by playing the janggu, a Korean traditional drum. While she played, the electronic janggu track played along, creating a well blended drum duo effect.

Maya commented, “In this fifth album, I hope to show my genre of music by adding an electronic flare to folk songs. I don’t plan to stop at just introducing this style to my own country, though; I hope to share it with audiences all over the world. After a six year hiatus, I will work as if I am a rookie and try my hardest to share my music with the world.”

Maya’s fifth full-length album, the first in six years, is being produced by Ha Gwanghun and is in the final stage of completion. Maya is expected to have a busy schedule after the release.


Source: YMC Entertainment, Jin Ah Entertainment

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