Shinhwa Returns with ‘Sniper’

Shinhwa has made their comeback with “Sniper”

After a year and nine months has passed since their 11th album “The Classic,” Shinhwa revealed on the 26th their 12th regular album “WE” and began promoting it through various online music sites.

Shinhwa’s 12th regular album “WE” has a total of ten songs including “Memory,” which was revealed three days ago. In the new album, the members gave their existing vocal and rap tones a twist, making a new musical attempt, and displayed their skill and abilities in album producing, lyric writing, and rapping, boasting the highest quality.

This new album’s title song, “Sniper,” was a collaboration with Andrew Jackson, who wrote the lyrics to the 11th album’s title song “This Love” and the 10th album’s title song “Venus.” London Noisealso participated for the first time on a Shinhwa album. “Sniper” is an electronic shuffle dance song with a hidden charm that accentuates Shinhwa’s original color, featuring a strong a beat, and is reminiscent of a western movie with its whistling sound.

Just as in the past, Shinhwa presents choreography that highlights each member in “Sniper.” With their perfected choreography and group dance overflowing with charisma, Shinhwa will give an unrivaled performance.

Netizens who have learned of Shinhwa’s “Sniper” comeback have made responses such as “Shinhwa ‘Sniper’ comeback, they are finally making a comeback,” “Shinhwa ‘Sniper’ comeback, I really want to see their performance on stage,” “Shinhwa ‘Sniper’ comeback, I hope this album is a big success too.”

At 6pm KST, Shinhwa had their first comeback performance on stage on Mnet M Countdown.

Check out the music video below!

Source: CJENMMUSIC, Herald Economics

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  1. PeaceofMind05 5 years ago
    The music video and song are top quality! I gotta check the rest of the album now.

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