Seventeen’s Woozi to Feature on New Kanto Solo

Brand New Music‘s Kanto announced today that he will be releasing his first solo mini album with the help of Seventeen‘s member and producer, Woozi. The album will be titled “YOZM,” which is a slang way to say ‘lately’ in Korean.

Rapper Kanto from the group Troy has not released a solo track in almost two years, so fans are particularly excited to see him entering the scene again.

A representative of Brand New Music stated, “Kanto’s title track, ‘YOZM’ and the track ‘KA.N.T.O.’ will be the two tracks that make up this album. Seventeen’s core producer Woozi will feature on the song, which will be a hip hop track that aims to spread the message to youth that if you live your life by following your dreams, bright days will come. Brand New Music’s hit producer Dongne Hyung and Youngwon Hyung made the beat, and producer Xepy created the melodies and topline.”

Check out the teaser photo below and stay tuned for more updates on moonROK!

Source: Herald Pop

Visual media courtesy of Brand New Music
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