SEVENTEEN Covers Famous H.O.T and Shinhwa Choreography to Thank Fans

Seventeen | moonROK
Audio and visual media courtesy of Pledis Entertainment


Seventeen has released two choreography videos, one for H.O.T’s 1997 track “Happiness” and one for Shinhwa’s 2001 song “Wild Eyes.”

The group recently covered these two songs live at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon and KBS Song Festival, respectively, and just uploaded the choreography videos as a gift to their fans. “Happiness” and “Wild Eyes” were some of the most popular songs of their time, and Seventeen did a great job paying homage to their seniors with these two cover performances.

There seems to have been some miscommunication amongst the fans, however, as many Seventeen fans were confused and believed that the two uploaded videos were new songs from Seventeen. When Pledis uploaded the videos, they cited the original artists in Korean only, making that information inaccessible to the fans who don’t read hangeul. The two songs are however covers of the original tracks, and Seventeen has the full permission of the original artists to perform and rerecord their own versions of the songs. Super Junior also did a cover of “Happiness” back in 2007.

Check out the two dope choreography videos below and keep reading moonROK for all the latest Kpop news!





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