Seohyun Graduates from Dongguk University, Gives Statement on TaeTiSeo Comeback to Reporters at Ceremony

Seohyun, who just moments ago graduated from Dongguk University and even received an award of lifetime achievement at the ceremony, gave statements on TaeTiSeo‘s impending comeback at the ceremony.

Seohyun told Star News, “You will be able to see TaeTiSeo very soon.” She continued, “It seems like TaeTiSeo will be making a comeback shortly. Since this is our first album in a really long time, we put a lot of effort into it – we made it with passion and committment.”

She finished by saying, “I really hope that the fans will like it.”

Upon receiving her lifetime achievement award at the ceremony, Seohyun said “This is a huge honor,” and “I will work hard to be better in the future.”

After the ceremony, Seohyun stated, “I can’t believe I just graduated – it seems like I was admitted just yesterday.” She continued, “While a student here, I was able to learn a lot and gain so much understanding. Thank you to my professors from the bottom of my heart. I really want to say thank you again so much to everybody who motivated me.”

Seohyun finished out her statement by saying, “Graduating all together was so meaningful, and to receive such a profound award was an honor. Moving forward, I hope to grow nicely into a member of society who has a greater sense of responsibility and commitment.”

Congratulations once again to Seohyun on her graduation and her lifetime achievement award!


Source: Star News and Newsen

Images courtesy of 10Asia
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