Seo Taiji Reps Say Collaboration with Shin Haechul, Kim Jongseo and Lee Seunghwan is Not Confirmed

On October 14th, Seo Taiji’s representatives revealed that the singer is currently in negotiations with avante garde pop artist Shin Haechul, rock artist Kim Jongseo and pop/rock artist Lee Seunghwan about a collaboration, but nothing is confirmed yet.

The song “90s Icon” would have been the collaboration track, but Seo Taiji will be singing the track on his own for his upcoming 9th album.

Seo Taiji, Shin Haechul, Kim Jongseo and Lee Seunghwan each have their own unique musical style and lengthy, successful careers. Many people are interested to know if these 4 musicians collaborated, what kind of song would they make?

Releasing his first album in five years, Seo Taiji will drop his 9th album “Quiet Night” on October 20th. He plans to actively promote his title track “” In advance of his album release, Seo Taiji will make his comeback performance at the Seoul Jamshil Stadium on October 18th, revealing “”


Source: My Daily

Courtesy of My Daily
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