Seo Taiji Releases Cover Art for Comeback Album, ‘Quiet Night’

Seo Taiji, the legendary founder of K-pop itself, will be making a huge comeback on November 18th.

Recently, through a collaborative effort, IU released her version of “Sogyeokdong,” a single written, composed, and produced by Seo Taiji. Seo Taiji’s own version of the song will also be pre-released on November 10th.

Seo Taiji will be making a full comeback with his 9th full album, entitled “Quiet Night,” and has just released the album artwork.

A representative from Seo Taiji Company explained, “The girl on the [cover] is a metaphorical representation of purity.” The representative continued, “The cover implies and expresses the theme of the entire album by showing a young girl who is both curious and fearful of the world.”

Check out the album artwork for Seo Taiji’s comeback album below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of Seo Taiji Company
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