Seo Jisoo to Take a Temporary Hiatus from Lovelyz Promotions

Woollim Entertainment has just stated that Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo will be taking a temporary hiatus from all group promotions.

Today a Woollim representative stated, “Prior to the Lovelyz showcase, Jisoo will be taking a provisional hiatus.” The representative continued, “Due to the series of rumors, it has been decided that Seo Jisoo is too emotionally fragile to continue activities. She is currently at the hospital receiving treatment for her psychological stability.”

The representative closed by saying, “She will resume activities again after the police find the culprits who started the rumors and her psychological state is stable.”


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of Woollim Entertainment
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  1. Victoria 8 years ago
    Woolim is smoking something, why are they keeping her? I can’t believe they don’t have a PR team. Any good PR department would have kept everything quiet, just kicked her immediately and paid off the accusers. I feel bad for the other girls in the group, their dream is literally crushed.

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