SanE and Mad Clown to Release Joint Single Album

SanE and Mad Clown are joining forces to release a new single album.

The two rappers released a teaser photo today showing them wearing matching outfits and grinning ear to ear.

On the topic of the collaboration, SanE’s agency BrandNew Music stated, “The companies didn’t arrange the collaboration between Mad Clown and SanE, and the meaning is deeper because it is a project that came naturally from the two artist’s own thoughts. We hope that everyone will enjoy listening to the song as much as the artists enjoyed making it.”

The single, entitled “못먹는 감” (a Korean idiom meaning “sour grapes” to describe a bitter person), is set to drop on November 19, so be sure to stick around.


Source: Chosun Ilbo

Image courtesy of BrandNew Music
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