Ryeowook and Heechul Give Words of Support to Kibum as SM Contract Expires

Today, former Super Junior member Kim Kibum‘s contract with SM Entertainment officially expired.

On August 20, Kibum uploaded a post to his personal Instagram with the caption, “2015 august 18th. Finished with S.M. ent. Lets begin my new life…!!! Thank you SM, for the time that we were together.”

SM Entertainment also made an official statement saying, “Our contract with Kim Kibum has expired. Please support Kim Kibum who was active with SM for 10 years.”

Super Junior members Ryeowook and Heechul also showed their support for Kibum through social media upon his departure.

Ryeowook uploaded a message to his personal Twitter account that translates to, “Kibum-ah, I’m always supporting you! I sincerely hope you find happiness at another place~ I’ll cherish all of the memories we made together in Super Junior for a long time.. ^^”

Meanwhile Heechul left a comment on Kibum’s Instagram saying, “You worked hard. Come out and play with us all soon. I’ll give you a birthday smack.”

Kibum never officially left Super Junior, but has been on an official hiatus from the group since the release of “Sorry Sorry” back in 2009.


Source: Korean Economy TV

Image courtesy of Kim Kibum
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