#ROKtheVote Day 7: ‘Holler’ for moonROK!

Hi moonROK readers!

In case you haven’t heard, moonROK is a finalist in an amazing competition based out of London. With the prize money, we could add awesome new features to the site, hire more writers to get news to you faster, and cover lots more concerts and do artist interviews, but to get to the next round of the competition we need your help!!!

We want to help you to help us, so over the next week, we’ll be giving away one K-pop album every day to to our loyal readers and followers who vote for moonROK in the competition. Today is our last day of giveaways, so we have something extra special for you guys — a signed TaeTiSeoHoller” album! Here’s how to win!


1. Click this link and vote for moonROK! 
Don’t worry, there’s no sign-up, no Facebook registration, nothing! All you have to do is click.

2. Tell us that you voted!!! 
Tweet at us (@moonROKnews) using the hashtag #ROKtheVote every time you vote so that we know who you are and how awesome you are


That’s it! We’ll be monitoring our votes as they increase, and as soon as they hit 4,000 we’ll choose someone who tweeted at us with #ROKtheVote as the winner.

Good luck winning, see you guys on Twitter!


[WINNER] Once again, you guys went above and beyond and took us all the way to 4,100! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with #ROKtheVote and congratulations to our randomly selected winner, Twitter user @SoneHwaiting! We can’t tell you guys how much we have appreciated your support during this #ROKtheVote campaign, and we wish we had more albums to give out to you guys!!! We do have a ton of really cool surprises and exclusives coming up in the next few weeks (and forever), so be sure to stick around moonROK!

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