[Revised] Zelo Uploads Ominous Tweets, Bang Yongguk Replies

About two hours ago, B.A.P member Zelo uploaded an ominous tweet with some serious implications.

The tweet translates to: “The six hyungs at my side have made me the person I am. I will always be thankful. I will always think again then act. There are times when I make mistakes unintentionally, but I will be careful and then be careful again.”

Just now, Bang Yongguk has uploaded a stream of tweets in response directed at his fellow members.

In the first tweet, Bang Yongguk tweets back at Zelo saying, “Whatever you do, you do well, my favorite dongsaeng.” He then tweets to Daehyun, Jongup, and Youngjae saying to each respectively, “You’re 2nd,” “You’re 3rd,” and “You’re 4th.”

In his last tweet, Bang Yongguk tweets at Himchan saying, “You… pass,” which is probably an inside joke (due to the fact that they are the same age and thus Himchan is not Yongguk’s dongsaeng).

The tweets have many fans worrying that Zelo is leaving the group or that B.A.P is breaking up as a whole, though those claims are unfounded for now.

The group filed a lawsuit against their company TS Entertainment in November, claiming that the term of their contract is for an unfairly long amount of time, that rights to privacy and personal lives were infringed upon, that they were forced to continue promotions even when they were sick and physicians prohibited activities, and that the company made many other unreasonable demands of them.

Since the lawsuit, B.A.P has remained relatively inactive, though Bang Yongguk did release a solo single last month independent of a label.


Editor’s Note: the initial version of this post stated that Bang Yongguk’s tweets were uploaded initially and without provocation (making his posts seem aggressive and as if he were leaving the group), not factoring in Zelo’s original tweet. In the context of Zelo’s original tweet, Bang Yongguk’s tweets do not seem ominous or aggressive but rather supportive. We apologize for the initial mix-up and any implications it may have insinuated.


Source: Bang Yongguk’s Twitter

Image courtesy of TS Entertainment
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