Red Velvet Talks Yeri’s Entry into the Group, the Dual ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ Concept, and More in Interview

Today, News 1 conducted an extensive interview with SM Entertainment‘s newest group, Red Velvet. Below is a transcription of that interview:


Since Red Velvet’s debut in August of last year, Yeri has joined the team as the new maknae. Despite this, she does so well and is so bright on stage and on broadcasts that it’s hard to believe that this is her first time and that she is so young. Upon hearing this, Yeri said, “Thank you. But I’m still so nervous. I’m trying really hard to make it look like it’s not my first time.

Irene praised the group’s new member, saying, “We have definitely become much brighter since Yeri joined. Isn’t she dazzling? It seems like we’ve become brighter.”

Seulgi built off of Irene’s statement saying, “Now that we’re five we can show more diverse performances too, so I think we’ve become better. It seems like we’ll be able to show everyone cooler performances.”

When Red Velvet debuted, they each dyed the ends of their hair different colors, but this time around, all of the members have gone blond. On this topic Seulgi stated, “Wendy’s face is white, so now she seems even more dazzlingly white. She looks exotic.

Of the group’s double title songs, “Ice Cream Cake” is mysterious a cute song that gives off a subtle charm. Though the song gives off a girlish feel, the choreography is pretty intense. On the subject of the refrain’s “give it to me dance,” Seulgi said, “It’s a dance that asks for ice cream in the cutest, most precocious way possible.” The girls stated that the most difficult part of the dance is Irene‘s rap part, where they have to spin around on the floor. Wendy especially felt bad for Joy, saying, “Joy has to rap as soon as she gets up.”

When the single was released, Irene became a hot topic amongst the public for her powerful rapping skills. The members chose Irene’s rap part and Wendy‘s line “Vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top” as the killer parts of the song. Seulgi said, “We’ve liked these parts ever since we listened to the demo. We like that the feeling of it changed so suddenly.”

Red Velvet puts forward both the strength of “red” and the seductiveness of “velvet” at the same time. “Happiness” and “Ice Cream Cake” are the “red,” and “Be Natural” and “Automatic” are the “velvet.”

Red Velvet collectively stated, “It seems good that the concepts of ‘red’ and ‘velvet’ are split into two. It feels great to be able to put that sort of feeling into ‘Automatic’ but to also be able to be bright and happy with ‘Ice Cream Cake’ and ‘Happiness.’ We want to give off a strong impression as we become adults over time. Joy is becoming an adult this time around, so we think that it all suits her very well.

Joy hosted “Red Velvet’s Ice Cream TV” along with SHINee‘s Minho, showing her progress and development of good sense. “I stayed up until dawn practicing with my unnies,” Joy admitted. “During the ‘Bargaining Corner’ the concept was brazen and I was puzzled at the end. It seems like now that I’m a blond I can’t do as well.”

Joy was the maknae of the team before Yeri joined the group. Even though she turned 20, leaving an age gap of 3 years between her and Yeri, Joy still carries the feeling of a maknae. “At first I missed Yeri a lot, I knew her from back when we were trainees so we naturally matched well. It’s nice because the atmosphere of the team has gotten better too.” Even though Yeri just joined, Joy is still the member who was a rookie the longest. Yeri jokingly asked Joy, “Did you get taller?” to which Joy retorted, “Since our members are on the smallish side I alone look big. It’s a worry of mine.

We asked Wendy if her hand was okay since she hurt it playing guitar on “Ice Cream TV.” To this she replied, “I just had some calluses, I’m fine. It’s not like I could show you anything correctly anyways…” causing laughter amongst the members.

[In the ‘Ice Cream Cake’ music video] Irene is pink, Wendy is blue, Seulgi is orange, Joy is green, and Yeri decided on purple as symbolic colors. Yeri revealed, “Joy unnie did her nails in our colors for the music video.” Joy responded with fascination, saying, “I didn’t do it on purpose, it was a coincidence.

When asked if she’s used to being called by her stage name, “Yeri,” rather than her birth name “Kim Yerim,” Red Velvet‘s newest member answered, “From the time I became a trainee I was told, ‘You’re Yeri.’ So I did everything thinking ‘I’m Yeri.’ Being called ‘Yeri’ actually got a better reaction than I thought it would.

As everyone saw maknae Yeri consistently smiling as brightly, the atmosphere turned even better. “These are unnies that I’ve known well since forever ago when I was a trainee. I share a room with Irene unnie, so as a roommate she takes even better care of me. I still have to go to school, and if we finish our schedules at dawn and I can’t wake up, Irene unnie makes sure I’m up. She takes care of me substantially.” In the dorm that Red Velvet moved into, Wendy, Seulgi and Joy share one room, and Irene and Yeri share the other.

“Ice Cream Cake” took the #1 spots on the hourly, daily, and weekly charts. “We were surprised that it did so much better than we thought it would,” said Joy. “The burden became bigger. Because there’s this pressure like ‘We have to do as well on stage as we do on the charts,’ we’re worried, but we’re trying really hard. Because we were so nervous on the first broadcast, there are a lot of things that we felt were lacking.

During the first broadcast we were thinking so hard that our faces and bodies were stiff. So we thought we had to have a fighting spirit like we did with ‘Happiness,‘” admitted Seulgi. “When we debuted, we couldn’t really feel a reaction, but this time we’ve put out an album and we’re feeling the reaction, so we’re nervous. Now that we’re topping charts and having articles on the front page, we can feel the reaction.

When asked what their goals for the release of this album, Red Velvet answered, “We want to get first place [on a broadcast],” but they relayed that more than that, they want to let people know about Red Velvet. Wendy wrapped up the interview by saying, “We promoted with ‘Happiness’ and ‘Be Natural,’ but since there are still so many people who don’t know us or don’t know our individual charms, we want to show everyone Red Velvet’s color. We want everyone to know that Red Velvet is a group that can satisfy the both the ‘red’ and ‘velvet.’


Source: News1

All images courtesy of SM Entertainment
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