RECAP: Show! Music Core – June 21, 2014

Debut Stages
MAMAMOO – Mr. Ambiguous
Bob Girls – No Way
J-Min – Hero
Lee Ye Joon – Where To Go

Comeback Stages
B2ST – We Up + Good Luck
Lena Park – Double Kiss
AOA – Fantasy + Short Hair
GOT7 – A
HISTORY – Psycho

Regular Stages
ZE:A – Breathe
San E & Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness
Baek Ji Young – Still in Love
Sweet Sorrow – Pounding Heart
Boyfriend – Obsession
VIXX – Miracle
M.Pire – Not That Kind of Person
MR.MR – Big Man


MAMAMOO – Mr. Ambiguity


Bob Girls – No Way


J-Min – Hero


Lee Ye Joon – Where To Go


B2ST – We Up + Good Luck



Lena Park – Double Kiss


AOA – Fantasy + Short Hair


GOT7 – A


HISTORY – Psycho


ZE:A – Breathe


San E & Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness


Baek Ji Young – Still In Love


Sweet Sorrow – Pounding Heart


Boyfriend – Obsession


VIXX – Eternity


M.Pire – Not That Kind of Person

Video currently unavailable


MR.MR – Big Man


And the winner is……B2ST with Good Luck!



All visual and audio media courtesy of MBC
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