Rappers Iron, Kidoh Put on Probation

Iron | moonROK
Iron | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of Iron

Rapper Iron has been indicted with smoking marijuana, a severely illegal act in South Korea, and has been sentenced to probation.

On the 24th, Iron was found guilty of smoking marijuana and given a sentence of 2 years probation and a ₩250,000 penalty fee , and must also attend 40 hours of drug therapy lectures, instead of serving 8 months in jail.

Rapper Kidoh, formerly of Topp Dogg, who was also involved in the case, was sentenced to one year probation, a ₩50,000 penalty fee, and 40 hours of therapy as well, instead of serving 6 months in jail.

Gangmo and three others who were involved in the case were all sentenced to 6-10months of probation, ₩100,000 to ₩520,000 penalty fees, and 40 hours of therapy.

The Department of Justice said, “Criminal drug offenses take a large toll on your body and mind. As a society, we must strictly punish those who break these laws in an effort to protect the public health.”

They also stated, “Iron and the other musicians and celebrities he was with would gather and smoke marijuana, sharing it amongst themselves. The nature of the crime was not a good one. Due to the fact that they have admitted to their crimes and reflected on their actions, the fact that there is no proof that money was exchanged for these drugs, and the fact that they knowingly smoked the marijuana were all considered when deciding the punishment.”

Iron was indicted for having smoked marijuana on three occasions from December 2014 to March 2015 both at home and in the bathroom of his entertainment agency. Kidoh was charged with having smoked marijuana once in Bangkok in October 2015.

Source: Newsis

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