Rania to Become First Ever K-pop Group with African-American Member

It has just been announced that Rania will be adding a new member to the group.

On November 4 a representative from the group’s agency DR Music stated, “Starting from this release, female African-American rapper Alexandra will be officially joining the group.”

This is the first time in the history of K-pop that an African-American member is officially participating in group promotions.

According to the agency, Alexandra (pictured below) hails from Kansas and has a black father and a white mother. She has lived in the United States her entire life and was signed to Def Jam records (home of Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, and more) when she was 15 years old.

After preparing for her debut under Rihanna and Bruno Mars’ former manager, the young rapper just happened to get in touch Rania and ended up signing a contract to become an official member of the group.

DR Music further clarified, “After seeing the rise in popularity of K-pop on YouTube, she was resolved to take this chance and come to Korea. We were amazed at how easily she picked up on the Korean female rapper style, being a rapper from mainland America.”

Alex also starred in Jamie Foxx’s most recent music video “You Changed Me“, and makes her debut K-pop appearance in Rania’s teaser for “Demonstrate” (below). Alex will be making her television debut on the November 5 episode of MCountdown, and will promote regularly with the group on TV following her debut there.


Cheers to more diversity in K-pop and good luck to Alex on her debut with the group!


Source: Joy News 24

Image courtesy of DR Music
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