Rainbow to Take Final Vacation Together Prior to Disbandment

Image courtesy of DSP Media

Early this morning it was reported by multiple news outlets in Korea that Rainbow would be taking a trip to Bangkok just prior to their disbandment, and DSP Media has just confirmed that this news is partially true.

A representative from the company told the media just now, “It is true that Rainbow will be going on a trip in Southeast Asia.”

The DSP rep however denied that they would be going to Bangkok, saying, “Due to potential safety issues, it’s hard to disclose the exact days and destination.”

It was recently announced that Rainbow would be disbanding upon the completion of their contract with DSP on November 12, so the trip seems like a great way for the group to make some lasting memories together as they relax on vacation together.


Source: Xports News

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  1. PeaceofMind05 6 years ago

    Seems like they’re actually close which is pretty rare. Good for them.

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