Raina & Kanto to Collaborate for ‘I Know It’s a Joke’

AFTERSCHOOL main vocal Raina and hip hop group TROY’s Kanto will team up together for a duet.

On October 3rd, Raina’s agency PLEDIS announced Rain’s collaboration with Kanto “I Know it’s a Joke” will drop before the official release of her first solo album and its title track.

Last June, Raina collaborated with San E for the song “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness,” which received a lot of love from the music charts.

“I Know It’s a Joke” is about a woman’s story of how behind a sweet love, she has a feeling her lover wants to break up and she wants to deny it. Kanto will rap as if breaking up isn’t a big deal and Raina will sing of the bittersweet story.

A PLEDIS associate stated, “We put in a lot of effort to showcase Raina’s hidden vocal talent in this song. With Raina’s vocals and Kanto’s bass tone rap, the song will have a much more lonely and emotional tone to it.”

Raina’s digital single “Reset” will drop on October 8th and regular promotions of “I Know It’s a Joke” with Kanto will begin.


Source: Star News

Courtesy of Star News
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