“Radio Star” Makes Official Statement Regarding Rumors that WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon Will Replace Kyuhyun as MC

Kang Seungyoon | moonROK

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment


This morning the Internet is abuzz with rumors that WINNER member Kang Seungyoon will be replacing Kyuhyun as a permanent MC on the popular talk program, Radio Star.

One media outlet reported that Seungyoon’s would be come the replacement MC due to Kyuhyun’s upcoming enlistment later this month, but an official representative from Radio Star has just made a statement to the contrary.

The Radio Star representative made an official statement saying, “Kang Seungyoon just recorded this episode as a temporary MC, Kyuhyun is scheduled to record the next episode.”

On the question of who will replace Kyuhyun once he begins his enlistment, the Radio Star  representative said, “It has not yet been decided who will replace Kyuhyun as MC once he goes to the army.”

While Kang Seungyoon won’t necessarily be a permanent MC, fans can look forward to seeing him host at least one episode of Radio Star in the near future.



Source: Sports Chosun

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