PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Remains on Top of Billboard Charts

PSY released his global mega-hit “Gangnam Style” back in July 2012 and the track is still influential, continuing to top charts overseas. On December 9th, the US Billboard Charts announced its 2014 Year End Charts and “Gangnam Style” placed #14 in the Streaming Songs category. Although the song fell 12 spots in comparison to its ranking last year (the track placed #2), it is still impressive that a K-pop song has lasted on the charts for nearly 3 years.

Due to his song’s success, PSY has also ranked in the Streaming Songs Artists category at #15. In the Dance/Electronic genre, PSY ranked #2 as a Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs Artist and in the rap genre, he placed #4 as a Rap Streaming Songs Artist.

Meanwhile, EXO ranked #7 in the World Album Artist category, becoming the highest ranking K-pop artists in this category. 2NE1 followed close behind at #9.

PSY is believed to make his long awaited comeback with “Daddy” next year.


Source: Star News

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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