Nearly five years after their debut, AOA is finally putting on their first solo concert.

The group has just announced that they will be hosting “Ace of Angels” at Olypmic Hall in Seoul this March.

The concert announcement follows the recent release of the group’s first ever full-length album, “Angel’s Knock,” and according to the press release by FNC Entertainment, “AOA will demonstrate their impressive concepts through their choreography and stage production alongside diverse performances by the members” at the concert.

Ticketing for AOA’s very first solo concert “Ace of Angels” begins on January 17 for members of the group’s official fan club, and January 20 for the general public. For information on how to join AOA’s official fan club, check out the details provided in English by FNC Entertainment below:



Opening Announcement

[Announcement & Ticket Open Dates]

※ Ticket Open Announcement: 2017.01.11 (Wed) 11AM

※ Ticketing Site Authorization Period: 2017.01.13 (Fri) 2PM ~ 01.18 (Wed) 12PM


※ Fanclub Pre-purchase Ticket: 2017.01.17 (Tue) 8PM ~ 01.18 (Wed) 12PM

※ General Purchase Period: 2017.01.20 (Fri) 8PM ~


[Concert Information]

– Concert Title: 2017 AOA 1st CONCERT ‘ACE OF ANGELS’ IN SEOUL

– Venue: Olympic Hall, Olympic Park

– Ticket Price: Standing VIP KRW 154,000 / Standing R KRW 99,000 / Reserved Seats R KRW 99,000

*The VIP Package includes a 1:1 photo opportunity with 1 member (the member will be random) and special poster.

* More details on the VIP Package will be announced shortly

– Host: FNC Entertainment

– Organizer: CJ E&M

– Sponsor: Auction


[How to Get Fanclub Authorization]


* Fanclub Authorization: 2017.01.13 (Fri) 2PM~

1) Log in to Auction Ticket from January 13th (Fri) 2PM

2) For a faster reservation, make your fanclub authorization through the fanclub authorization page on the ticket site beforehand

3) Enter your Name, Fanclub Serial Number and Contact Number that was used when registering through the official site ( to make your authorization.

Eg) Name: Hong Gil Dong / Fanclub Serial Number: 201601111111 / Contact Number: 01012345678

※ Special Characters (including hyphens) and spaces cannot be identified when authorizing.

4) Once authorized, you do not have to make another authorization when logging in again.

5) A ‘This account has been authorized’ pop-up window will appear when clicking the ‘Fanclub authorization’ tab for members who have successfully made their fanclub authorization.

6) For those whose information [Name, Fanclub Serial Number and Contact Number] are not registered on the FNC Official Website and those who have problems regarding authorization please visit the official FNC Website or contact FNC Entertainment at

7) For those who do not make their Fanclub authorization during the authorization period will not be able to pre-purchase tickets and will need to purchase tickets once general tickets have opened.


[Precautions for Fanclub Pre-purchase Tickets]

1) Fanclub authorization and pre-purchase will be accessible via web and mobile. However, authorization and pre-purchase will not be accessible through the global page.

2) Log in to the FNC Official Website ( and check your Name, Fanclub Serial Number, Contact Number on the ‘MY PAGE’ tab. (Information cannot be edited during the fanclub authorization period.)

3) If payment for tickets are not made within the given period, tickets will automatically be canceled.
4) When logging in to Auction Ticket, only one authorization can be made for each ID. Authorizations can be made even if the name of the Auction Ticket account holder and the name of the fanclub member are different.
5) In the case you use another’s Name, Fanclub Serial Number, Contact Number or any other information to make an authorization, you may be liable to take legal responsibility.

6) Fanclub pre-purchase tickets are limited to 2 tickets per person (per show). An additional 2 tickets per person (per show) can be purchased during the general ticket booking period.

7) Fanclub pre-purchase tickets are available from 2017.01.17 (Tue) 8PM ~ 01.18 (Wed) 12PM.


Thank You.


[Concert Introduction]

After releasing their 1st Album [ANGEL’S KNOCK] in 5 years,

Trending girl group, AOA will hold their 1st concert.


AOA are sure to create heart attacks for fans at their very 1st concert!

Hit tracks which established them as a head girl group such as Heart Attack, Short Skirt as well as tracks from their 1st album of various genres are sure to be performed.


As girl group trend setters, AOA will demonstrate their impressive concepts through their choreography and stage production alongside diverse performances by the members.

AOA are ready live up to the expectations of their audience.



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