Peniel Thanks Fans and Public for Their Support After Revealing His Extreme Hair Loss Condition

Images courtesy of KBS

On last night’s episode of “Hello Counselor”, BTOB member Peniel made a major confession that has the Internet in Korea abuzz.

Peniel revealed that he does not buzz cut his hair out of personal preference, but because he suffers from the condition of extreme hair loss. On the show he removed his hat and bandana, revealing that he has lost over 70% of his hair due to the condition.

Peniel also confessed that he has been suffering extreme hair loss as a result of intense stress over the past five years being active as an idol, and that he has been wearing hats, berets, and bandanas not as part of BTOB’s concept, but in order to cover it up.

The reaction to Peniel’s confession has been overwhelmingly positive, and within minutes of the broadcast his name became the number one most searched term on the Internet in Korea. Netizens have been commenting with messages like “That’s a hard confession to make, especially as an idol. He seems like a really good guy, I support you Peniel!” and “He looks way more charming without the hat, don’t worry about it and go out and about without it!”

In response to all of the support he’s been receiving over the past 12 hours or so, Peniel has just uploaded a message to his personal Twitter saying, “Sorry I hid it/lied till now, and thanks for all the love and support everyone!”

Shoutout to Peniel for being confident in his own skin!

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