Park Jimin Reveals She Donated All of Her ‘K-pop Star’ Winnings to Charity

On December 29, many of the familiar faces from previous “K-pop Star” seasons (including Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ayeon, Akdong Musician, Bernard Park, Sam Kim, and Kwon Jinah) made an appearance on the popular talk show “Healing Camp.”

Season 1 winner Park Jimin received a question asking what she did with her “K-pop Star” winnings, to which she replied, “Since I got 1st place, I received 300 million KRW. I donated 200 million of it and the remaining amount was all taxed.”

The hosts of the show were rather surprised when Park Jimin admitted that she donated all of the money, especially Lee Kyunggyu who asked, “I’m curious as to how you thought to donate it all. Did you get permission from your parents?”

To this, Park Jimin responded, “I was living comfortably at home. My parents also approved [of me donating the money].”

What an awesome act of kindness by 15& member Park Jimin! Check out the screen caps from the episode below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: Xsports News

Images courtesy of their respective owners
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