Orange Caramel Releases ‘Where’s Waldo’-esque Teaser for ‘My Copycat’

Afterschool unit group Orange Caramel has just released a teaser for their upcoming single, “My Copycat.”

The video teaser has a “Where’s Waldo?” component to it, where you are asked to find the members of Orange Caramel as they appear in the teaser.

The instructions uploaded by Pledis Entertainment are as follows:

“The theme for Orange Caramel’s new single ‘My Copycat’ is ‘Find Orange Caramel!’
So, here we are with a little event; ‘Find Orange Caramel Season 1’!

Mission 1. Find Lizzy! This is the level one mission. It should be very easy (:
Mission 2. Find Raina! This is a level two mission, which means it’s a little bit difficult than finding Lizzy. A little hint is… find a girl with two braids!! BUT, be careful for a sudden appear.
Mission 3. Find Nana! Level three Nana’s hint is already here!
If you found Lizzy, Raina and Nana, it’s a mission success!

You’ll know the answers through the music video which opens on 18th (Mon).
Teaser is just a trailer.
Currently, we are preparing music video which you can find more Orange Caramel!!”

Have you accomplished all of the missions yet? If not, check out the teaser video below!


Source: Pledis Official YouTube

All visual and audio media courtesy of Pledis
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