Onew Injures Ankle at Concert, SHINee Comeback Likely Not Delayed

This weekend SHINee hosted their SHINee World V concert in Seoul, and during the course of the concert, Onew suffered an injury.

The singer sprained his ankle while on stage, but performed through the pain.

However, it seems that the injury may be more severe than expected. Today a representative from SM Entertainment told the media, “In the middle of the concert Onew sprained his right ankle. However, he finished the concert and was rushed to the hospital to receive an examination as soon as it ended.”

The representative continued, “Luckily, the results of the examination showed that there was nothing wrong with the bone, and Onew received the diagnosis that he should minimize movement and rest. For protection [Onew] will currently be using a half-cast and we plan to constantly check the status of his recovery.”

The SM Entertainment representative then closed out his statement by saying, “SHINee is in the midst of preparing for a mid-September comeback, and of course Onew is preparing with them. Although it looks like it won’t be a big problem, we will adjust [the comeback] to the status of his recovery.”

Though the statement is vaguely worded, it seems like if all goes as scheduled the comeback won’t be pushed back, but that SM is preparing us for the worst just in case.

Here’s to hoping that the SHINee comeback happens as planned, and that Onew has a speedy recovery.


Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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