I.O.I Member Kim Chungha to Pre-Release R&B Ballad Track Ahead of Official Debut

Chungha | moonROK

Image courtesy of MNH Entertainment


Following her immense success on Season 1 of Produce 101 and as a member of I.O.I, Kim Chungha’s solo debut has been highly anticipated by her fans and the public alike, and now, it’s finally happening.

MNH Entertainment has just announced that ahead of her official debut, Chungha will be pre-releasing a digital single. According to her company, the single will be an R&B ballad track written by Grizzly, an up-and-coming indie R&B producer in Korea.

A representative from MNH released a statement to the Korean media today stating, “[Chungha] has been meticulously planning her choreography and writing songs since last year, and has been trying very hard to put together a high quality album for her solo debut.”

The MNH rep also made a statement concerning Chungha’s upcoming pre-release, saying, “Kim Chungha put her entire journey leading up to her debut into this song.”

Chungha’s pre-release track is slated to drop on April 21st, and while no exact date has been set for her official debut yet, moonROK will have all the details on the I.O.I member’s first single as they are made available, so stick around for updates.



Source: OSEN, Herald Pop

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