NS Yoonji and Chancellor of Duble Sidekick Revealed to Be in a Relationship

Image courtesy of Xports News

And with this, we officially have our third Kpop relationship of the week.

It has just been announced that singer NS Yoonji and Chancellor (Mikey) of Duble Sidekick are in a relationship.

A representative from Chancellor’s company BrandNew Music has just stated, “Chancellor and NS Yoonji have been dating for 2 years now. The two grew closer after working together on music, and eventually began dating.

You may know Chancellor and his producing team Duble Sidekick as the creators of hits like Apink’s “Mr. Chu”, B.A.P’s “Stop It”, Davichi’s “Turtle”, Girl’s Day’s “Something”, SISTAR’s “Loving U”, “Give It To Me”, “Shake It”, and much, much more.

Congratulations to the not-so-new couple!


Source: Xports News

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