Noeul Talks About Celebrities She’s Close With, Drinking Habits, and Rainbow’s Comeback

Rainbow member Noeul talks about the group’s comeback after a long hiatus of one year and 8 months.

Noeul recently had a photo shoot, where she went with a chic black and white theme, exhibiting sexiness with translucent clothing.

In the interview that followed the photoshoot, Noeul announced Rainbow’s comeback with a newer and stronger image. With her newly transformed short hair cut, Noeul expressed that she was the one who could best pull of short hair among the members, so she decided to go for it once again like when she first debuted.

To a question regarding the group’s long hiatus, she responded that she thought a lot about it and her longing for music was big. She also expressed that she was sad because her time with the other members of Rainbow felt short.

On the topic of Rainbow’s exceptionally close relationship with one another Noeul said, “We’ve always valued conversation and communication the most.” She also talked about the group’s secret key to a long career. Jaekyung, the group’s leader, does not act like a dictator, but like an older sister who guides the other members.

Noeul described Seungah as at first sight seeming prim but as unimaginably cute and full of charm once you get to know her, and Hyunyoung as the member who changed the most from the beginning. Hyunyoung had the cold personality and rarely spoke, but now is talkative and playful.

On the topic of alcohol, Noeul stated, “The other members pick me for the highest tolerance, but I control myself.” She also stated that she was close friends with Secret, ZE:A, and NS Yoon-G. Noeul’s ideal type is someone with a nice smile like the actor Kim Woobin.

As for a junior singer that caught her eye, Noeul rooted for GFRIEND saying, “The leader of the new group GFRIEND was a trainee at our agency.”

Noeul told the story of her journey to becoming a singer. With role models such as Lee Hyori, Fin.K.L, and S.E.S, Noeul dreamed of becoming a singer. She attended a SS501 concert, where she caught the eye of the agency’s associate, and was recruited for an audition. However, now that she has achieved her dream, she feels like she is in a stagnant state.

Finally, Noeul stated, “With the comeback approaching in February, I want to show the public something worth watching amidst the competition in the music industry. I want to hear our nickname change from ‘the group that does everything right except get popular’ to ‘the group that is now popular.'”


Source: BNT International

Image courtesy of BNT International
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