Nicole Shares Her Impressions on the New Album

On the 19th, Nicole held a press conference for the release of her first mini-album, “First Romance.”

Nicole expressed her nervousness at being in front of the press again after so long, saying she was so nervous, she wasn’t sure how to keep her mouth from trembling. 

“A lot of effort went into this. A lot of feeling went into it too. It was very nerve-wracking. All the staff members worked together to create this album and I think the end product is something we can all be happy with,” Nicole said.

Of the album making process, she said, “A lot of tears were shed during the making of this album. I cried a lot; the process was very long.”

The title track, MAMA, is about a nice and innocent girl confessing about her sly and sunning ways when she is with her boyfriend. The synth and slap bass give a sexy but gloomy sound that suits Nicole’s voice very well.

This six song mini-album features SPICA’s Boa in Innocent and Infinite’s Dongwoo 7-2= mi5understanding, as well as an instrumental for MAMA.


Source: MyDaily News

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