Netizen Uploads Vicious, Threatening Comment Directed at Red Velvet’s Yeri During Live Broadcast

[WARNING] Please note before reading that some of the translated content below is graphic and disturbing.


Red Velvet is currently in the midst of promoting their new single “Dumb Dumb“, and as a part of their promotional activities the group has been participating in live broadcasts via Naver’s V app.

Today the group did a live broadcast from their practice studio, giving fans a better look at the choreography for their new song.

One of the coolest parts of Naver’s V app is that viewers can leave comments for the stars to look at and respond to during the show.

However, because the broadcasts are live, comments are unfiltered and go up as soon as the commenter hits “enter” on their keyboard.

During today’s broadcast, one viewer left an extremely nasty comment directed at Red Velvet’s youngest member, Yeri, causing an uproar amongst Red Velvet fans and the public alike.

Idols often receive malicious and threatening comments online, but what is particularly upsetting about this one is that Yeri might have read the comment during the broadcast.

The screen capture below shows the comment, which translates to, “Yeri you slut cut it out before I stab you in the vagina with a knife.”

As soon as the comment became visible, Yeri, who normally has a bright and outgoing personality, showed an immediate change in disposition, becoming suddenly quiet and avoiding looking at the screen.

Starting at about 29:00 in the full video below, you can see Yeri going from smiling and being excited about being on the Naver main page, to suddenly being solemn and scared.

After a minute or so, Yeri quickly returns to her normal energetic, cheerful self as the group dances the broadcast out.

Many of the comments on the original Korean article express their disapproval of the malicious comment, reminding readers that Yeri is only 16 years old and calling for SM Entertainment to sue the commenter.

Whether or not Yeri actually read the comment during the live broadcast we can’t be positive, but either way the fact that someone would upload a comment like this knowing that the group is reading the live feed is, in our humble opinion, hateful and repulsive. We here at moonROK hope that netizens will refrain from using the V app with such malicious intent in the future.


Source: Kookmin Ilbo

All visual and audio media courtesy of Naver V App
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