NCT U Releases Teasers for Members Mark and Ten

It was just announced yesterday that SM Entertainment’s new group NCT will finally be making their debut, but in unit form.

NCT’s name is short for Neo Culture Technology, and SM’s strategy with this boy group is that there will be no set number of members. Various units and teams will be formed with the intention of performing songs in various languages and locations all over the world to achieve what Lee Soo Man calls “perfect localization.”

Dubbed NCT U, this first group will be comprised of SM trainees MarkTen, and Jaehyun, with potentially more members forthcoming.

NCT U will be debuting in two units and each will release a separate single on April 9th and 10th, so check out the new teaser images and videos below, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for more updates on the revolutionary new group concept from SM Entertainment.




Source: SM Entertainment

All visual and audio media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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