Musical ‘All Shook Up’ Considering Legal Action Against Megan Lee

Representatives from the musical “All Shook Up” have just stated that they are considering taking legal action against Megan Lee.

The representatives from the musical stated, “There were setbacks to the show because [Megan] missed two rehearsals and didn’t respond to our attempts at contact, and then we received a unilateral notice that she was quitting.”

The representatives continued, “We consulted late into the night on the 24th with the actress and took her opinions into consideration, but ultimately decided that she would not be participating. It is a pity that the actress would unilaterally decide to leave the production just three days before the opening show and cause setbacks without the permission of her company Soulshop Entertainment, and we are sorry for the disappointment of those who were excited for the show.”

The production companies representatives then went on to state that they are considering taking legal action against Megan Lee to prevent these sort of cancellations from occuring in the future.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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