These Are the Most Followed Male and Female Focused Fansites in Kpop

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One of the best parts about being a Kpop fan, is that there are lots of other fans out there just like you, but with very expensive camera lenses.

Kpop fansites are an integral part of the Kpop fan community, as they capture our favorites not only on stage, but also off. These are the most followed male and female focused fansites in Kpop (as always, ladies first):


10) Jessture – 59.8K Followers – Jessica Jung


9) ENGM – 60.5K Followers – Wendy, Red Velvet

8) ChunYoon – 73.3K Followers – Yoona, Girls’ Generation

7) Sensible K – 79.8K Followers – Seugli, Red Velvet

6) Be My Brownie – 82.6K Followers – Irene, Red Velvet

5) Woorissica – 83.4K Followers – Jessica Jung

4) Soojunga – 85.2K Followers – Krystal, f(x)

3) – 86.1K Followers – Yoona, Girls’ Generation

2) TangParadise – 112K Followers – Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation

1) Flying Petals – 165K Followers – Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation



And now, for the boys. Here are the top 10 most followed fansites that take pictures of male Kpop idols:


10) Suave Island – 275K Followers – D.O, EXO

9) Suho Planet – 314K Followers – Suho, EXO

8) JAMJAM – 399K Followers – Jimin, BTS

7) Spunky Action, Baby! – 411K Followers – Chanyeol, EXO

6) Hyper Beat – 418K Followers – Sehun, EXO

5) Su Can Fly – 421K Followers – Suga, BTS

4) Mr. Destiny – 437K Followers – Kai, EXO

3) See The Light – 537K Followers – Baekhyun, EXO

2) Iridesecent Boy – 687K Followers – Sehun, EXO

1) SNOWPEACH – 751K Followers – Jungkook, BTS



Don’t forget that moonROK also takes our own original photos and fancams (which we call ROK캠s), so be sure to follow our Instagram and check out our YouTube page for HQ pics and vids of your favorite Kpop artists.

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  1. VIP4EverGold 1 year ago

    sorry, but where is My oppa GD? 🙁 these fansites has less than 800K for male kpop idols and less than 200k for female kpop idol, therefore those fansites can not determine who are really popular and famous. When in FACT and reality GD, Yoona, Sehun, Jungkook, V, Chanyeol and Jimin are the most popular and famous because they have MILLIONS of fans in the world, they are the most popular and famous male/female kpop artists (globally). BTS’s fans surpassed 300 Million votes for BBMA, Yoona is the only female kpop artist and actress with huge international fandom her fans surpassed 850-900 Million almost 1 Billion of messages for her birthday in just 1 day, even her drama surpassed 12 Billions views currently, Sehun’s IG has 9.9 Million followers, Chanyeol’s IG has 10.9 Million of followers and GD’s IG has 14.2 Million followers, they are Top3 with most followers among all kpop artists and k-celebrities in general while Yoona is the Fastest gaining followers on IG among all female kpop artist, k-actress and female k-celebrities. BTS is the 1st kpop group surpassed 6M followers on Twitter account, real quick! all of them are the BEST and MOST POPULAR & FAMOUS!

    conclution the TRULY Most popular and famous are==> GD, YOONA, SEHUN, CHANYEOL, BTS MEMBERS and maybe EXO baekhyun too.

    Good day!

    • soshiserenity 1 year ago

      this for FANSITES on TWITTER, not whose the most popular

      your little rant was so fucking pointless; you argued with literally no one

      have a good day

    • Ahihi 6 months ago

      Rather than Yoona, it is Taeyeon that is truly most popular!
      Have a good day!

  2. Anon 2 days ago

    I mean there are many taehyung fansites which have more followers than that suga fansite

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