moonROK Idol Quiz: Mina

Day 4 of ‪#‎AOAweek‬ has arrived, and we are back with another AOA interview!

Today’s moonROK Idol Quiz will feature none other than Mina!

moonROK Idol Quiz is a new interview format that we (and AOA) love. We sent each member of the group different questions based on their personalities and personal histories — some questions are short, some are multiple choice, some are long, and there’s even one fan question per interview!

The Korean handwriting and doodles were done directly by the idols themselves, while English translations are printed by our moonROK team below.

Check out Mina’s answers to our moonROK Idol Quiz below, and stick around moonROK for more AOA interviews all week!



Bigger version of Mina’s interview here!

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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    Answers are pretty straight forward.
  2. BlackLotus 7 years ago
    Saranghae Mina 。◕‿◕。
  3. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    Answers are pretty straight forward.

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